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About Our Sleep Program

Please note that patients need a recent sleep study to be evaluated for oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea and snoring; please contact us if you need help getting a sleep study. 

As a specialized TMJ and orofacial pain expert, Dr. Buchanan is committed to providing effective sleep apnea treatment while ensuring the health of your jaw throughout the process.  We will work with your sleep medicine specialist to ensure your sleep apnea is treated effectively.  If sleep apnea is ruled out and you want to treat snoring, the program is not as extensive.

Our comprehensive sleep consultation is one hour.  During this appointment, Dr. Buchanan will analyze your sleep data, discuss your sleep history, and thoroughly examine your mouth and jaw to ensure you are a candidate for successful oral appliance therapy.  You will look at samples of mandibular advancement devices she determines will be the most comfortable and effective. You will decide whether to proceed with the sleep program or wait and think about it.  Please note that not everyone is a candidate for this kind of treatment, and CPAP therapy remains the gold standard for treating obstructive sleep apnea. 

Our one-year sleep program includes a custom-fabricated oral appliance, digital impressions, a delivery appointment, six follow-up visits, and 1-2 home titration studies. Once the oral appliance is treating your sleep apnea, you will return to your sleep medicine specialist for evaluation. The appliance fabrication typically takes 2-4 weeks.  Dr. Buchanan will want to see you yearly to evaluate your appliance, jaw health, and sleep quality. 

We are not contracted with insurance but will help determine your out-of-pocket cost and submission for insurance reimbursement. 

Please contact our office for pricing and more information, including how to get a sleep study:
 415-460-1601 Line 2 or or fill out the form below:


Request sleep program information:

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